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Tenby, Nelson’s original resting place

On a hill in the centre of Tenby is a monument to Prince Albert.  If you go there you will notice a startling discrepancy between the size of the statue and the plinth it stands on. There is a simple … Continue reading

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Tenby the hidden legacy

In 1851 the townsfolk of Tenby in west Wales began construction of a monument. It would come to define the town the way the mighty pyramids define Cairo. It stands on the highest vantage point and looks down; it’s back … Continue reading

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Bin Laden letters

This week’s release of the Bin Laden letters has opened up a can of worms. It’s clear from what has emerged so far that Bin Laden had plans to appear on Channel 4s flagship rich-people-being-stupid show Grand Designs. The papers … Continue reading

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Make stuff that works

Dear Microsoft This might sound like a radical idea but I’m going to run it by you anyway.  There is quite a tradition of making stuff that works amongst the human race. Way back when we first started using tools … Continue reading

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I know there are people out there getting millions of views and god bless them every one but my 7,000 views were very hard earned.  I think my videos are funny and from the feedback I get so do some … Continue reading

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The Lego Riot Police experience an existential dilemma

I have been working on writing snappy titles recently and so far, I think it’s going really well. This one is for my latest short film, featuring two very confused Lego riot police. Quite what’s going on in Lego Land … Continue reading

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Day three

Who would have thought it. Day three and here I am still at the coal face. Avengers Assemble was the big event today.  Decided against the popcorn because it is the storm trooper of capitalism and no mistake. Got to … Continue reading

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Day two (a slight set back)

Day two of my blog sees me in less than celebratory mood. Because of the gym yesterday evening I was awake with a de-hydration induced headache most of the night. Exercise is a hateful sweaty business. If you enjoy or have ever … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This is my re-edit of the”Hello world” page that WordPress gives you.  Official spelling of wordpress there.  I will most likely rant intermittently about stuff over the next, lets face it forty years, if I’m lucky and wordpress holds out. Today I … Continue reading

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