Fifth Rosetta Stone language is Welsh

In 1945, as the allied forces mopped up the last traces of Nazi resistance in France a small group of commandos entered a fort on the southern extreme of the Maginot Line. Three days of hand to hand fighting had seen them reduced to a core of hard bitten and unsentimental veterans. They stormed the main turret and overpowered the men inside with ruthless efficiency and brutal determination. This resulted in them commanding a stretch of deserted forest and driving a stake through the heart of the Third Reich in France. All of this is well documented and undisputed. What is less well know is what they found there.

If you look at the Rosetta Stone you will notice that the top is missing.  This missing top half was what the commandos found on that day. The following day as they were having their morning tea, the Americans arrived.  As the the commandos supped their brews from regulation tin mugs the striking figure of none other than Dwight D. Eisenhower loomed into view. He immediately took charge of the find and a year later the stone made it’s way to area 51.

Nobody knows how the top half of the Rosetta Stone got to France.

Nobody knows how the top half of the Rosetta Stone got to France.

What concerned the Americans was that it contained two additional languages as well as the three we are familiar with.  One bore no relation to any known human script and formed the basis on which first contact was made with the second Roswell space craft in 1950.  The other provided a deeper understanding of codes hidden within the text of the stone. These codes led to the development of technologies such as nuclear fusion, carbon sequestration and preventing cheese on toast from burning the roof of your mouth.  What astonished the Americans was the identity of this fifth, key language.

If I can take you back to that French fort and the British commandos for a brief second I will introduce you to Iolo Ap Dafydd. Before the American’s arrived Iolo, working all night, transcribed the ancient Welsh on the stone and kept the text with him until his return home.


Today it lies deep within the vault of the Senedd, home of the National Assembly For Wales.  The psychic connection between this text and the stone in area 51 means that Aliens frequently visit the Senedd guided by the roof beacon and drawn by the reasonably priced baguettes.

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I make films featuring Lego and other assorted creatures and historical figures. If you do not think they are all funny, then I am afraid there is something wrong with you. Seek medical attention.
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8 Responses to Fifth Rosetta Stone language is Welsh

  1. frozenroom says:

    Despite the attempts to hide the truth I’ve always believed that there is life in Wales!

  2. Chris Jones says:

    The truth is ‘out there’ boyos.

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