The Secret Power of The Senedd


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

On December 10 2009 The Right Honourable Carwyn Jones AM officially became first minister of Wales.  Immediately after swearing his oath of office he was led away from the plenary chamber and down into the  basement of the the building.

The Senedd had been completed just three years earlier and was a visual hymn to open government and legislative transparency. It’s design demonstrated a degree of accessibility to elected members and the processes of government unheard of up until that point.  Built to the highest standards of sustainability it used technology which is still a mystery today.


Deep within it’s basement lies a terrible force

Initially confused Carwyn was quickly briefed about the true nature of the building and the powers it barely contained.  In the basement was a large steel door. Behind the door was another, even bigger; ancient and strong. Carwyn turned to his guide who, seeing his confusion informed him that he was a member of a the Welsh secret service. Initially formed in 1642 to defend the crown they were referred to, by the wider intelligence community simply as The Welsh People.

As the empire expanded T.W.P. became the keepers of sacred artefacts plundered from the four corners of the globe.  The most treasured and wondrous objects from every civilisation that ever lived were brought to Cardiff and stored deep underground.  Gradually the collective powers of these artefacts seemed to generate a collective energy and in 1900 when the copper scroll treasures, captured at the  siege of Mafeking were deposited in the keep a critical mass was reached. 

The force generated was almost uncontrollable and it took the genius of none other than Brigadier-General Sir Alexander Gibb GBE, later to become Director-General of Civil Engineering in the Ministry of Transport, to contain it. Using the latest advances in pre-stressed concrete he constructed a containment facility which exists to this day.

In the summer of 1945 the transcript of the top section of the Rosetta Stone was brought to Cardiff under the strictest security. The dead of night covered the activities of more than a hundred and fifty war weary soldiers from the Royal Engineers, who dug out an additional cellar, within the cellar.  Within this was placed the transcript bearing the ancient Welsh code which would reveal the secrets of the stone and deliver and untold wealth of Alien technological wizardry.

As First Minister it was now Carwyn’s responsibility to read the text out loud and release it’s vast power. As he listened to this fantastic tale Carwyn felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Eventually he was led into the room containing the text. The room was bare save for a simple raised dais on top of which was a plain lead box.  With trembling hands he reached out and touched the box. Over the next three years he was to realise that this was not, in fact, even close to being the strangest day of his life.

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I make films featuring Lego and other assorted creatures and historical figures. If you do not think they are all funny, then I am afraid there is something wrong with you. Seek medical attention.
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11 Responses to The Secret Power of The Senedd

  1. wow! And I thought it was only Torchwood that was hiding underground in Cardiff!

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  3. Fascinating! I can’t wait to hear the rest of this story 🙂

  4. Chris Jones says:

    “…read the text out loud and release it’s vast power”. Haven’t seen much evidence of this ‘vast’ power yet! What should we look for or do we have to dress up as ‘illuminati’?

  5. frozenroom says:

    Were the T.W.P involved in the rumoured ‘operation Brazilian baby swap’, that ensured for Wales the wizardry of Gareth Bale and ironically made Brazilian Affonso the greatest (and whitest) fly half ever ?

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