Manifest Destiny

Carwyn took himself off to a place of contemplation

Carwyn took himself off to a place of contemplation

Having discovered he was the keeper of the secrets of eternity and wielder of power untold  First Minister the Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM decided he needed a nice cup of tea.  Luckily the Senedd café offered a wide selection of very reasonably priced teas and many healthy-option snacks. Still reeling from the fact that being inaugurated as first minister wasn’t the biggest event of his day he sat down and looked around, studying the glass cliff-faces surrounding him.

His mind raced at the possibilities of ahead of him. All he had to do was read aloud from the text and nothing could be denied the people of Wales. The only constrain was his own imagination. Uppermost in his mind was an amendment to the Standing orders of the Third Assembly relating to the Different Roles and Responsibilities of Constituency Members and Regional Members.  Delirious with ambition he dreamed of changing section 1.13 clause V to read “no Member should deal with a constituency case or constituency issue that is not within his or her constituency or region (as the case may be), unless by prior agreement”.

Drunk with power he immediately rushed down to the secret cellar and without a seconds hesitation, spoke from the ancient text. In a flash his deepest wishes were made manifest. The rush of energy was like nothing he had ever felt. A pure, almost sexual thrill surged through him. Coldly and solemnly he muttered under his breath “by these means shall Wales rise again”.  He vowed from that moment on he would use his powers for good.

On the distant horizon he saw his next target. The third assembly was to bring forth the Active Travel (Wales) Bill which would place a requirement on local authorities to continuously improve facilities and routes for walkers and cyclists.  This would be his mission. Nothing would impede the passage of the bill.  His resolve set in stone, he focussed on the job in hand. A new day had dawned in Welsh politics and it’s name was ambition.

About Not So Great Dictator

I make films featuring Lego and other assorted creatures and historical figures. If you do not think they are all funny, then I am afraid there is something wrong with you. Seek medical attention.
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  1. Madness. Sheer madness.

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