On the Head and Shoulders of Giants

Not as good as those blokes from the 70s who did it part time and had a pint and a full-cooked before the match.

That’s a lot of hair for one man.

Ospreys and Welsh international tight head prop Adam Jones and First Minister the Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM stood in the rain and eyed each other.  Carwyn, unable to believe his eyes stood in stunned silence, scanning the face of the giant they had awakened. Adam, aware the reason for his existence had finally manifested itself, drank in the enormity of the situation.  What threat was so great it required summoning up the power of the giant? What terrible trials lay ahead? Where would they find their adversary? Does Carwyn know that his shirt is actually see through in the rain and that he’s got abnormally large nipples for a man?

Finally Carwyn opened his mouth to speak. Rain poured down his face, pasting his hair to his forehead. The roar of the rain and the incessant thunder forced him to raise his voice.  He took a deep breath fully aware of the gravity of the situation and the power he had unleashed. He spoke.


So do you think this Welsh team are as good as the 1970s team? Do

you think we’ll ever have another golden age?


For god sake. Four six nations in 8 years, three grand slams.

We’d have been in the final of the world cup if they hadn’t given

us a French ref when we were playing against France. Will

you people shut up about the 1970s? We’re better than

they were.


Touchy. I only asked.


Every time. What have we got to do?


A world cup would be nice.


Is this what I’m here for, because I get enough of this in my


Carwyn ushered Adam into the back of the car and explained how the Grand Keeper of the Text had been kidnapped, jeopardising the future of the planet, particularly Llandeilo. Also that, no offence but they were expecting the giant to be bigger.  Adam explained that he wasn’t the giant but merely a distillation of the power of the giant in human form.


Oohhhhh………. Right……..






Look I’ve got to say it. You’re shirt is see through and

you’ve got really big nipples for a man. This is just

uncomfortable now.

They both looked ahead.


I didn’t want to say anything but yeah…

About Not So Great Dictator

I make films featuring Lego and other assorted creatures and historical figures. If you do not think they are all funny, then I am afraid there is something wrong with you. Seek medical attention.
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