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Greatness threat level

Due to the recent Brexit vote it is strongly anticipated that Britain will definitely be great again in the very near future.  As a result of this momentous event First Minister The Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM has decided to … Continue reading

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Britain Decides (a report from 2021)

Immediately upon entering his second term as prime minster the Rt Hon David Cameron MP decided to unveil his great plan for the next 5 years. For some time he had been alarmed by the close proximity of foreign lands … Continue reading

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Wales covers area twice the size of Wales

The by now standard television use of Wales as a unit of measurement has evolved over a number of years. The first country to get this treatment was Burkina Faso. This small African nation was initially used as the unit of measurement for … Continue reading

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United Nations of Frolic

Dewi Evans lived a comfortable life by any standards. He worked in local government and lived in a quiet part of town. On the weekends he would stand on the platform of Newtown station, and patiently note down engine numbers … Continue reading

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The Fall of the House of Frolic

The 19th century saw a massive upheaval in the status quo throughout Europe. The victory of the thirteen  Federated Colonies of the Americas over the mighty British empire in 1781, the French revolution in 1789 and the publication of “The … Continue reading

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A load of Frolics

In the mid 1990s, when political correctness was revealing to the world how reckless we had been with regard to language, a rash of street names were changed to fit in with a more progressive and tolerant world view.  One of these now sits in … Continue reading

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Frolic ye not

In the late 13th century Newtown in Powys was established by an act of the then fledgeling parliament in a bid to stem the rising tide of tax havens “erupting like a plague that dwelleth not in harmony with the Kyngdome” as the high sheriff of Llanfair-yng-Nghedewain … Continue reading

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