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Adele Dwff Dwff…….

As a short break from the continuing saga of Wales, land of myth and legend, I made a very short film this week. Just something I noticed about an Adele song and thought I’d share. All my other films are … Continue reading

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Riot Police the untold story

I started making the Lego Riot Police films a few years ago. I’ve only made five because;  well to be honest it’s because I’m lazy and I should pull my finger out.  Nevertheless a certain theme has emerged which was … Continue reading

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Man Vs the BBC part four

On the BBC iplayer help pages a message quickly went up stating that the issues with the iplayer had been solved for the majority of users. There were also instructions  for people who were still having problems. The instructions were to look … Continue reading

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Man Vs the BBC day three

When you use the “help” form supplied by the BBC you get an automated reply which says “Thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer. We cannot respond to every email we read, but do use all feedback to help improve the … Continue reading

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Man Vs the BBC (another rant)

My iplayer desktop recently developed a fault due to adobe air updating without telling the BBC. It resulted in me losing all the programs I had downloaded. A lot of other people also experienced this. None of the solutions offered … Continue reading

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Bin Laden letters

This week’s release of the Bin Laden letters has opened up a can of worms. It’s clear from what has emerged so far that Bin Laden had plans to appear on Channel 4s flagship rich-people-being-stupid show Grand Designs. The papers … Continue reading

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Make stuff that works

Dear Microsoft This might sound like a radical idea but I’m going to run it by you anyway.  There is quite a tradition of making stuff that works amongst the human race. Way back when we first started using tools … Continue reading

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