Bin Laden letters

This week’s release of the Bin Laden letters has opened up a can of worms. It’s clear from what has emerged so far that Bin Laden had plans to appear on Channel 4s flagship rich-people-being-stupid show Grand Designs.

The papers show that even back in the Tora Bora days he had already contacted Channel 4 executives with plans to remodel his cave with a cutting edge en-suite in black basalt and grey marble.  His underground conservatory idea was considered an architectural paradigm shift.

Encouraging emails from Channel 4 describe his ideas as “cheeky” but in a tribute to their thoroughness they question his structural calculations in relation to the use of a Toyota pick-up in the kitchen area. Enraged by their “creative myopia” he broke off all contact until his move to Pakistan.

There he found the local Grand Designs broadcaster more open to his compound style renovations. By this point Channel 4 bosses had gone cold on the makeover concept and decided to throw all their money into reviving the Victorian freak show with the Embarrassing Bodies franchise.

Not everyone was pleased about it. See below.

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