I know there are people out there getting millions of views and god bless them every one but my 7,000 views were very hard earned.  I think my videos are funny and from the feedback I get so do some others out there.  Thanks for all the re-tweets, mentions, shares and general support. You all know who you are 🙂

Hopefully one day I will gain a wider audience and let’s face it some cold, hard cash but until then all I can do is keep making the films and keep posting them.  Here’s to the next 7,000.  With a bit of luck it won’t take as long this time.  Maybe before my youtube account is a year old I can get 8,000.  29th of May 2011 all this began.  It’s fun but I can’t help thinking I should have just got a laser pointer and made my can run into a wall.

Here’s to my artistic integrity prevailing over crass commercialism for the foreseeable future.  And one from the archives.

About Not So Great Dictator

I make films featuring Lego and other assorted creatures and historical figures. If you do not think they are all funny, then I am afraid there is something wrong with you. Seek medical attention.
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